Stop Wasting Your Money On 90 Octane At The Gas Station

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Stop Wasting Your Money On 90 Octane At The Gas Station

January 14, 2019 / 53 Comments / 281 / Blog Posts
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Do you run on belief or facts? if the answer is belief then ignore this post and continue wasting your money on 90 octane at the petrol stations across Jamaica.

Now if you are into facts, listen up carefully.

90 gas does not benefit your car in any way unless it is a performance car

The first thing you need to know is that there is no universal octane rating. It is alarming how many “professionals” who deal with the car industry are not aware of this.

I have heard car dealers tell customers that they should not use 87 fuel in Jamaica. This is misinformation at best and professional ignorance at worst.

There are two main systems used to measure octane rating; RON and MON.

There are differences between continents so European numbers will always look higher than American numbers.

RON means Research Octane Number and MON means Motor Octane Number.

In order to get the US octane number, you would need to know the European RON number and the MON figure, then divide it by two.

In Jamaica, we use the MON number, so even though you hear Americans talking about 91 and 91 octane fuel, this is actually the exact same thing we are sold in Jamaica when you do the conversions.

Here are some tables courtesy of Pencil Geek

octane rating

As you can see Jamaica’s 87 gas is equivalent to America’s 91 gas and our 90 gas is even better than the US 93 octane fuel.

Jamaica’s 90 fuel is equivalent to 94 octane in the US.

Now the reason why you are wasting your money is because the majority of cars on the road are not made to run on high octane fuel.

What confuses people is the number they see recommended in their car’s manual. They see 91 and think that Jamaica’s 87 is too low for it when in reality our 87 octane is 91 octane.

Petrojam and other stakeholders need to do more to educate the public on how octane rating is measured and how they vary based on countries.

In Europe, they use the RON system, so if you look inside a Ferrari or any other high-performance car from Europe, you will see the minimum recommended fuel is 98 RON.

People see this and think 98! but Jamaica only has 90 so that car cannot run in Jamaica. This is not the case.

98 RON in Europe is the exact same as the 90 fuel they sell at our gas stations.

That is why any supercar can be imported to Jamaica and run perfectly fine.

If you have a Nissan, Toyota, Honda etc. you do not need 90 octane fuel, facts.

The only cars that benefit from 90 fuel are “big juice” cars.

If you have a performance car with a powerful engine then you should buy 90 fuel to avoid what is known as “knock”.

Those are cars like Porsche, BMW M cars, Mercedes AMG cars, Audi S and RS cars etc.

Your friend with the Toyota Probox who told you that 90 makes his car faster is speaking nonsense. Unless the car is modified and tuned to run higher octane there is no benefit.

90 octane also doesn’t make a car “run better”. That is a myth and is easily debunked.

If you feel your car performing poorly after filling up that is likely down to the brand petrol you use. Some of these gas stations are selling gas so watered down, you are better of urinating in your gas tank than using their fuel.

It’s the same way some men drink Guinness and swear it makes them stallions in the bedroom. The mind is powerful and it makes you believe what you tell it to, its call the “Placebo effect”.

Now I am sure a lot of you, maybe most will ignore this and carry on buying 90 fuel for your Nissan Sunny. All I can say is go ahead, it’s your money after all, I am sure Petrojam is grateful for your business.

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