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JamaicanCarTrader.com Is The New Kid On The Block

December 18, 2018 / 30 Comments / 171 / Blog Posts
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Let’s face it, Jamaicans love cars. Whether its the 4×4 type that can go offroad and easily navigate any road surface or the fast, low and loud type that makes everyone’s heads turn.

The car sales industry in Jamaica has always been a strong performer and will continue to be. That is because a car is not just an effective means of travelling from point a to b, but it is a reflection of our individual personalities.

The problem a lot of people face when trying to buy a car in Jamaica is the fact that it can be very time consuming finding the right car.

Sure, there are thousands of cars for sale but how do you see them all at once? there simply isn’t enough hours in the day for busy people to walk around every single car mart in the boiling sun, trying to find a vehicle they like and can afford.

This is where JamaicanCartrader.com comes in. This website is a central pool of vehicles for sale in the country and allows both buyers and sellers to meet online and do business.

Now if you want to buy a car in Jamaica, all you need is to do is visit our cars for sale section and search for your dream car.

We have listed most of the models that are currently driving on Jamaica’s roads but if you have/want a rare model then just contact us and we will add the name to our inventory list.

We are not the first to do this but we aspire to be the best. That is because as consumers we can see large gaps in the way car classifieds work and we want to close those gaps and make life easier for both the buyers and sellers of cars.

The best way to get your car listed for sale is to email us with the important details of your car(make, model, year, lhd/rhd, mileage etc) and will have your car listed in less than 24 hours, at no cost to you.

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